Limes...a True Story of Supply and Demand

Limes have been at a record high for more than a month now and we know that you are having to adapt; whether it be switching to lemons, cutting back, or taking them off the menu altogether.  The cause of this was some cold and wet weather in lime growing regions in Mexico.  Not only did this weather affect the bloom, but also cause severe damage to some of the trees. 

The result?  Sky high prices!!!  The demand was much higher than the available supply.  Even with the outsourcing from regions that don't usually come into play, like Guatemala and Columbia, large limes have been almost impossible to find.  Farmers have been stripping their limes before they could get any real size to try to take advantage of the high market price.

It is believed that with the shipments from these "non-traditional" suppliers, the prices should start going down in June. 

Hang tight!  Relief should be around the corner!

Resource, The Produce News Lime market remains hot, but relief on horizon by Tim Linden