It's Fall at WCPI

It's Fall! 

We are gearing up for the days to get cooler and the trees to turn color.  With that comes hot new items for your customers and transitions for growers.  

Conventional Updates:
Pumpkins and gourds will be in the next couple of weeks.  The prices are expected to be higher due to the water shortages that caused fewer farmers to plant this year.

Pomegranates and Fuyu Persimmons are available, but very limited.  We wont't have in stock until the evenings get cold, to make sure we have good quality fruit. Probably within the next few weeks.

Apples and pears out of Washington are coming into full swing with their new crop of. Smaller crop and smaller fruit size compared to the last record setting year.

Strawberries are expected to transition earlier than usual, due to the earlier than usual growing season locally.

Valencia oranges are really tight and will continue to be until navel oranges come into full swing at the end of October.

Red grapes are excellent quality, probably through November or longer.  

Lettuce has fields have been irregular and load weights are low.   

Food service salads are going up again due to a short supply.  We don't see relief until the transition to Yuma in November, even then, assuming that weather does what we expect in Yuma.

Avocados are now all Mexican fruit.  The best deals are the larger sizes: 32/36/40/48.  We are encouraging single layer cases to ensure better quality, so there is less impact from the long haul.

Corn is winding down out of California.  There may be a gap with Mexico and Florida product.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are staying high in price, due to the heavy rains in Mexico.  Hot house cukes are the best bet for quality.  For cost saving on tomatoes, stick with grape tomatoes for salad bars, etc.

Artichokes are up due to heat.  Local growers lost a significant amount of their harvest.  Coachella doesn't start up until December/January, so prices could stay high until then.