Herb demand to out do supply...an update from our supplier

The winter months are always characterized by herb shortages. (Herbs don’t like cold, wet weather!) This year so far is no different --- except the shortages are more severe and more widespread than normal. One possible reason for this is the excessive El Nino rains in California and Mexico, impacting both growth and quality. El Nino conditions are expected to continue in the coming months and perhaps intensify. This does not bode well for improved availability and quality in the immediate future.

Chives and tarragon have been very tight for quite some time now. Mint has recently become extremely tight. Basil and thyme may follow suit very shortly. I’m fairly certain other herbs (I don’t know which ones yet), will also experience supply deficits. Prices, following the law of supply and demand, have risen, and may rise significantly more if poor growing conditions persist.

Our extensive grower network has allowed us to navigate this situation quite well (although far from perfectly). We’ll continue to do the best we can in this challenging environment and keep you updated.