Early Fall availability update - October 17, 2017

fall fruits.jpg

Fall is always a transition period in produce, and this year is no different. Growers are shifting their production south to Arizona, Southern California and Mexico. 

Expect higher prices on berries as availability out of California starts to come down. Import production of raspberries and blueberries will start to begin. 

Apples from the Pacific Northwest will continue to come in with good flavor and color, due to the cooler temps.

California and Pacific Northwest pears are staying steady with good flavor and quantity.

Oranges are short right now. The storms in the south really hit these crops hard and have put a damper on supply. Other citrus is being affected as well.

Local winter squash coming in with good quality and supply. Pricing varies due to demand and normal seasonal trends. 

Independent truckers are on strike, causing some issues for loads out of the northwest for potatoes, pears and apples. Be prepared that this could cause a slowdown on delivery of some of these items.

Due to the extreme heat in the last couple months, carrots will remain in limited supply. Grimmway gave an update that pro-rates will begin this month and are expected to last up to a month. 

What does this mean for our end consumers? This will most likely mean a lack of product at the retail level - as well as higher prices. It's a good time for consumers to get creative with produce and recipes!