Sweet Baby Broccoli, a not-so-new FAV!


We don't know about you, but when it comes to recipe inspiration, we're always looking. You want fresh, seasonal, and COLORFUL, right? One of our favs, (not so new, by the way) is Sweet Baby Broccoli! You might not recognize the name, as Sweet Baby Broccoli has a few different aliases. This close cousin of broccoli is also known as broccolini and aspiration. So what is this delightful veggie and how does it compare to good ol' broccoli?

Sweet Baby Broccoli is actually a cross between traditional broccoli and Chinese kale. The mixture results in a slightly sweeter taste and a nice soft texture. 
Not only is this bright green veggie delicious, it also boasts big nutritional content! Sweet Baby Broccoli is high in vitamin A, C and potassium.

So, it's obviously no secret we're a fan! So how do you prepare? We love to simply saute in olive oil for maximum flavor! Of course, you can always opt for a fancier recipe. 

Try our one of our favs from The Snack Magazine here!