Weekly produce update - June 12 - 19

WCPI Buyers, Mike, Adrian, Jerud and John give the scoop on local produce trends for mid-June.

Mike Ball:
Strawberries: Quality is great (Watsonville and Salinas) Produce locally is in full swing. Santa Maria finishing up.
Raspberries: (Watsonville) Good quality and supply.
Celery:  CONVENTIONAL, Volume improving daily, prices are dropping. Larger sizes are hard to get right now. (Salinas/Oxnard)
Iceberg:  Demand is improving, but supplies are tighter due to planting gap caused by the spring rains. (Salinas Valley)
Leaf Items:  Leaf items remain plentiful with useable quality. Prices are down. (Salinas Valley)
Artichokes: Very HIGH prices, short supply. (Castroville/Salinas/Oxnard)

Adrian Contreras, ORGANIC UPDATE:
Stonefruit: ORGANIC stonefruit (California/Central Valley) coming on strong. Peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots. Prices will be coming down every week – fruit is getting bigger. Apricots gapping a bit.
Carrots: PLENTY! (Bakersfield)
Summer Squash: starting locally (Hollister/San Juan) Mixed cases coming in this week
Packaged Salads: NEW Josie’s Organic label (Salinas Valley) Full line of salads now in stock!
Broccoli/Cauliflower: Coming on strong (Salinas Valley) prices way down this week.
Celery: Prices coming down this week, supply slowly getting better (Salinas Valley)

Jerud Manfre:
ORGANIC Monterey Mushrooms (Watsonville) nice quality, starting to sell more organic volume. CONVENTIONAL Fitz Fresh (Watsonville) good quality as well.

John Burkett:  
Summer Squash: CONVENTIONAL Local squash (Watsonville) coming in: Yellow extra fancy, great quality, better price. Italian extra fancy coming soon.
Blue Lake Beans (Green Beans): CONVENTIONAL (Watsonville) shorting by the end of the week.
Stone Fruit: Getting into better quality and size, prices staying firm. Labor/Contracts affecting cost. (California/San Joaquin Valley)
Oranges: All Valencias very good quality and taste (California/Central Valley)

Buyers update on the following items coming in:

David Garcia:
The banana market has remained strong. Prices remain steady but will see it drop down with the onset of other fruits coming into the market place. Chiquita is running a bit tight on fruit, due to playing catch up with past sourcing issues. Organic Grow has good supply. Quality for both organic & conventional bananas is very good right now. 

Mike Ball:
Production is increasing in Baja California and Oxnard, prices coming down – Quality is good.
Blackberries: (Mexico) Quality and supply are both good

Adrian Contreras (ORGANIC):
(Coachella) Running strong, all colors – pricing coming down a bit and taste is getting better.
Watermelon:  watermelons are tight, will be coming soon, mini’s too. (Bakersfield)
Russet Potatoes:  Gapping on counts – had a few in stock, but sold out. New California crop about two weeks out.

Jerud Manfre:
California onions are coming in nice, not much skin, but holding up well. Price is steady, yellow onion pricing soon to be on the rise.
Russet Potatoes: CONVENTIONAL – no California Russets this year. Prices on the rise until the new crop from the Northwest starts in July.
Eggs: Steady production out of California, prices saying steady as well.

John Burkett:
 Coming strong out of Mexico and California. Big crops, quality and prices vary.
Melons:  Melons coming out of the California Desert now, moving closer to Bakersfield. Mostly XL or Large, great fruit and quality.
Watermelons:  Mexico Watermelons all wrapped up, California starting slowly, prices high.
Lemon/Lime:  Lemons shorting in California, starting out of Chile (2-3 weeks out). Pricing still high.
Limes steady quantity with great quality, small summer variety  – good pricing.
Haas Avocados:  California winding down very soon, Peru and Mexico Avos still going strong. Quality getting better.
Corn: Just starting out of California – pricing still a bit high.
Tomatoes:  Grape tomatoes from Mexico winding down. Baja California underway now.
Plain Jane greenhouse tomatoes from Mexico – great quality. Roma tomatoes from Baja California, coming in with good quality, high prices.
Bell Peppers:  Bells are very tight right now. California bells not ready yet.
Prices firm to high on Red bell peppers from Mexico.  Gold bell peppers have the best quality.