Weekly Produce Update June 29 - July 7. *LOCAL PRODUCE IS PLENTIFUL*

Late June, early July Local produce update is as follows: 

Mike Ball:
Berries: (Conventional and Organic) All Berries coming locally and with good supply. Need to watch for heat damage on strawberries. 

Adrian Contreras, ORGANIC UPDATE:
Stonefruit: ORGANIC stonefruit (California/Central Valley) coming on slower than expected. The prices are steady, but still on the higher side and the produce is still a bit small.
Carrots: still going strong (Bakersfield)
Green & Red Cabbage: (Hollister/Bakersfield) Prices are holding steady, still high. Not a great deal of volume coming in with the cabbage. 
Summer Squash: Local zucchini coming on great (Hollister/San Juan) The other varieties (summer, sunburst, straight-neck) are coming in soon. 
Packaged Salads: (Salinas Valley) Quality and supply is great on packaged salads. We are carrying a full line of Josieโ€™s Organic packaged salads. 
Broccoli/Cauliflower: (Salinas Valley) Prices are going up slightly after getting a break in price the last few weeks. Occasionally limited on volume
Celery: Pricing is higher going in to the holiday weekend, supply is steady (Salinas Valley)
Greens: (kales, collards, chards, etc.) All coming in strong, but have to watch for heat damage. 
Leaf Lettuces: Leaf lettuce is starting to come in really strong. (Bakersfield/Watsonville/Salinas) We have local Coke Farm romaine on ad for the upcoming week (second week in July) 
Tomatoes: Local tomatoes (Hollister/San Juan) are almost ready. The first crop suffered major heat damage. 
Potatoes: A new crop out of the (Central Valley) are coming in. Good supply on Red and Gold, but russets are still very small. 

Jerud Manfre:
Good quality and supply on conventional and organic mushrooms. All Local. 

John Burkett:  
Summer Squash: CONVENTIONAL Local squash (Watsonville) supply and quality is steady. 
Blue Lake Beans (Green Beans): (Watsonville) Solario Farms label beans great quality and price
Stone Fruit: Getting into better quality and size, prices staying firm. Labor/Contracts affecting cost. (California/San Joaquin Valley)
Oranges: All Valencias very good quality and taste, prices are high (California/Central Valley)
Tomatoes: Local tomatoes are underway with cheaper prices. Cherry tomatoes are about two weeks out.
Grapes:  Strong out of California (Coachella) great quality and steady price. 

Buyers update on the following items coming in:
(*note, most items out of California, with the exception of few) 

David Garcia:
The banana market still strong. Pricing is steady, but should drop a bit soon. Organic Grow has good supply. Quality for both organic & conventional bananas is very good right now. 

Adrian Contreras (ORGANIC):
(Coachella) Good supply still running strong on quality and price. 
Watermelon:  Mini's starting to come in. (Bakersfield) Middle of July for large seedless coming out of the Central Valley. (Bakersfield)
Bell Peppers: coming from overseas, very pricey. Local bells will be coming on soon. 
Mango: Still available from Mexico. Good supply on Tommy and Kent varieties. Small to medium sizing available. 

Jerud Manfre:
Red and Yellow onions moving from Southern CA to the Stockton area. Pricing is up for the first few weeks of the move, but will drop. 
Russet Potatoes: Same deal for Yukon Gold and Red potatoes as the onions, moving closer to Stockton area in the next month. Pricing higher, but will drop. 
Eggs: Steady production out of California, prices saying steady as well.

John Burkett:

ALL Melons:  Mini Watermelons are looking good. Large melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew) are still tight supply and high prices due to the heat. Mostly in Southern CA, but moving closer. Prices and supply should start to even out in the next few weeks. 
Lemon/Lime:  Lemons out of Chile and Mexico. Pricing still high.
Limes steady quantity with great quality.
Haas Avocados:  The best deals are Haas coming out of Peru, however there is more of a "pebbly" type appearance on the skin. Smaller sizes coming out of California, with smoother skin. 
Bell Peppers:  Bells are very tight right now. California bells not ready yet.
Prices firm to high on Red bell peppers from Mexico.  Gold bell peppers have the best quality.
Mango: Still available from Mexico. Good supply on Tommy and Kent varieties. Small to medium sizing available.