Wild Rice Soup - warm and cozy for the New Year

It’s Friday - and above that, it’s Friday before the New Year! It’s just the beginning of the winter season, and for us, that means lots of soup!
We found this recipe from Ali over at Gimme some Oven (by way of Pinterest!) Don’t you love how the internet works?!

Turns out this Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup is a fan favorite from this last year. We can imagine why! Of course, we aren’t paying one bit of attention to the “Autumn” part of this and just continuing this recipe right into the New Year and beyond!

Our absolute favorite part of this recipe is - obviously, the amount of delicious veggies it includes. {Sweet potato, carrots, celery, onion, baby bella mushrooms and garlic - and kale added at the end}

The recipe itself is super versatile. Want to add chicken? Great! Want to do double the mushrooms? Go right ahead! Want to make it spicier? Be our guest.

Nothing like a one-pot wonder that makes up a whole meal!

So - will you be trying this recipe out this winter?! If you do, share you pics with us! You can find us on Instagram and Facebook!

Also - while the recipe is from Gimme some Oven, the pics are all from our resident photog, Erica over at American Huney Photography. She loves cooking up yummy meals, and taking great pics, which is a big win for us!!

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