Potato lovers, rejoice!

Any potato lovers out there? {both hands raised up in the air!} Yep, we thought so. National Potato Lover's Day (Thursday February 8) celebrates us all! Of course, convenience is important too, so we've compiled five delicious Crock Pot recipes for all the potato lovers in your life! {don't worry This is Us Fans, Jack Pearson let us know that the Crock Pot was totally innocent!}

1. Slow Cooker loaded potatoes from Delish: here

2. Crock Pot Garlic Mashed Potatoes from the Salty Marshmellow: here

3. Cheesy Slow cooker potato soup from Pillsbury: here

4. Slow cooker baked potatoes from All Recipes: here

5. Slow cooker crispy potato wedges: here