Easter Egg Watermelon Cake

Yes, you read that right!  We are making an Easter Egg Watermelon Cake. The cake part is just a cut watermelon!  #mindblown 

I did the watermelon cutting since I used a "real" knife.  Just slice in half, cut off the rind, pat dry and refrigerate until you are ready for the kiddos to decorate!

Next, cover with whipped cream.  Now, we didn't have time to make homemade whipped cream, so we used, canned, but if we weren't fast, it would've melted off. In hind sight, taking the extra time to make it from scratch would've been well worth it.

After that, get your favorite fruit, we used California Giant Berries, since they are so beautiful and tasty, and DECORATE!  It's that easy! Then SLICE!  So fun! Watermelon CAKE!