Certified GREEN!

We recycle virtually everything, including cardboard, office paper, plastic wrap, nylon pallet straps, Styrofoam boxes, plastic and cardboard corner boards, wood waste, motor oil, coolants and scrap metal.  Our recycling efforts have resulted in a 75% reduction in what we send to the landfill!

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Green Business


Our 2,400 solar panels generate enough power to run our entire facility...and then some!  It provides enough energy to power 150 homes and 6,082 60-watt light bulbs for 8 hours a day!

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Our fleet is fueled, in part, by Bio-Diesel!

Agron Bioenergy has it's newest facility in Watsonville and we've partnered with them to burn cleaner, more environmentally sound fuel.  Every little bit helps when you've got 25 diesel trucks running 7 days a week.  

Socially Proactive

Not only do we make it our responsibility to maintain a cleaner, healthier environment, but we also recognize our responsibility to those in our community who need a helping hand.  We have donated more than one million pounds of fruits and vegetables to Second Harvest Food Bank.  In addition, distressed produces that is not suitable for human consumption is picked up by a local cattle farmer.  Very little of our produce is ever discarded as garbage.