California heat and Romaine

"It is hot in California.  Record temperatures were recorded up and down the coast last week and over the weekend.  The heat has really stressed the crops.  Fields of romaine were reduced to rows of dead and dying plants caused by a root disease (sclerotinia) that was amplified by the heat wave.  Lettuce quality is not holding up even prior to the heat but now it will be much more difficult.  Fields have decay and bottom rot brought on by heavy dew in the mornings and the hot daytime temps.  Seeders will continue to cause issues and likely worsen with the latest round of weather.  Both crops are still harvesting a week ahead of schedule so timing of the transition to the desert is still uncertain.

Spinach is very light and fluffy but the quality for now is ok.  Whether we will see any lingering effects from the heat is unknown at this point.  Spring mix items are struggling to grow and seem to be stunted by the heat.  Poor stands and slow growth are causing some shippers to be a little on the light side."

- Update courtesy of Green Gate Fresh