'Tis the Season...Produce is picking up locally!!!

Veggies and fruit are moving closer and into California and Central Valley.

Corn is looking VERY good out of the California desert- FULL EAR and Clean!  Prices down, but still active…will go higher, due to Memorial Day coming up.

Avocados are all Californian and in stock!  Hass quality is EXCELLENT!  All sizes available.

Best value would be on Italian Squash, which is also moving to California soon!  Extra Large Roma Tomatoes and Mangoes are also good on price right now.

Stone fruit is just starting to come in.  Sizes are smaller and price is still a little high, but the quality and flavor is there!


California cherries are about half the crop size, compared to last year.  Estimates are at 3.5 million cases this year, so expect prices to be higher than normal.

Washington Cherries are still unpredictable because a lot can happen with the weather from now till June.  Still, their crop looks HUGE based on current info.

Local berries are all in good supply out of Watsonville and the Central Valley!  Get your LOCAL berries today!

Organic news!

Organic stone fruit update:

We will be getting our first shot of mixed variety on stone fruit early next week.  We are also excited about getting feedback on the sugar content and sizing from a few growers. The season for stone fruit started about two weeks early.  Without rain, the fruit on the trees are going to be very clean. We should see very nice fruit across the board. We haven’t heard anything about less production because of the lack of rain.

Organic veggies:

Kales, chards, leaf lettuces are all doing well.  There is a good supply.

Herbs are doing well also. Italian parsley is in short supply, but we have great support from a few farms.

Carrots across the board are in good supply. Look out for a hot price on baby peeled.

Celery is getting very tight. Keep you posted here.

Good supply of peas; snow, snap, English peas.

Starting next week out of Hollister, we will have fava beans and English peas. First harvest is Monday for vintage farm. We will be checking it out and posting pictures on facebook.

The new crop of red and yellow onions is off and running! Production getting stronger along with quality. Expect the price to drop as the weeks go on.


Very nice mixed varieties smaller sizes now 10ct. Charentais, orange, and honey. Very nice cantaloupes 15ct from Divine Flavor. Mini watermelons also in good supply. Mexico going strong, but we will have California next week.

Organic grapes also seem to be coming on a little early. Start date was set for may 5th but it looks like we might be getting some in early next week...stay tuned for more info.