Celery supply problems...update from our supplier

US(CA): Soil disease keeps celery volumes down

A soil disease has affected production of celery in California. With Yuma getting off to a slow start, light supplies on the market have kept prices high.

“Supplies are mostly coming out of Oxnard because Yuma hasn't started yet,” said Growers Express in Salinas, California. “But, because of the soil disease, volumes from Oxnard are about 75 percent of what's normal.” Along with the soil-borne fungus, called Fusarium oxysporum, warm weather and a lack of water during planting have kept celery supplies light.

“The market is very good right now,” said Marshall. Prices are 4 times higher than usual.

“It's been a crazy market because Oxnard supplies are really down,” said Marshall. “It won't be until the middle February, when most people switch down to Yuma, when we'll see better volumes.