Blended Burgers, all the rage!

Blended burger, what is that you ask?
First, take Monterey Mushroom's delicious and nutritious, white mushrooms. WCPI mushroom buyer, Jerud Manfre, says that the perfect mushrooms for blending are those picked at the end of their peak, mature and full of flavor. Slice those babies up and add into ground beef, turkey, buffalo....or any choice of meat you prefer. Aim for at least 25% mushrooms in your blend, or keep it simple and do a 50/50 ratio. Grill them up and there you have it! All the burger flavor with the added benefit and nutritional value of mushrooms.

Two of our customers in Santa Cruz are jumping on the Blended Burger craze as well.

Betty Burger's on 41st Ave in Santa Cruz and Rosie McCann's in downtown Santa Cruz are both taking part in the second annual James Beard Foundation Blended Burger Project.

From the James Beard Website:

This summer, as part of the JBF Blended Burger Project(TM), restaurants nationwide will be featuring "blended burgers" made by combining finely chopped mushrooms with meat, creating a burger that's tastier, healthier, and more sustainable. Vote for your favorite "blended burger" below based on most creative use of mushrooms, best flavor profile, and most appetizing appearance!

The 5 chef creators of the blended burgers that receive the most votes will win a trip to New York City to be featured at an event at the James Beard House in January 2018.

Voting begins May 29th at 12:00am ET and concludes at 11:59pm ET on July 31st.

You can vote once a day for your favorite blended burger here.
We hope you'll visit and cast your vote for Betty's or Rosie McCann's!