Avocado Update - August 2017

The Avocado market is very tight right now and the prices will continue to rise. 
Our resident Avocado buyer, John Burkett, has been keeping us posted regarding the current market situation. 

We just received this update from Calavo:

**Demand exceeds supplies. Extreme market conditions exist. Market prices have increased due to higher field prices with the limited amount of fruit available for harvest in Mexico.

This situation was not forecasted by the industry. Pro-rates and substitutions will be necessary to place fruit on orders.

Mexico:  Summer crop harvesting has slowed down compared to previous weeks. This crop will carry us through the month of August. Growers are controlling the picking and price. The fruit isn't holding up as well as expected. 

California: Harvesting has slowed and we are packing a few days per week, light supplies expected through August. Current crop is peaking on 48’s, with limited amounts of 60’s and smaller. 

Expect the pricing to go up even more on both Mexican and California Avocados.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Next year is expected to be a bumper crop.