Guac and Roll this Super Bowl!

Happy Super Bowl Week! Tom Brady is playing (again) and Justin Timberlake is doing the halftime show and that's about all we need to know! 
Of course, one of the best parts about the big game is the snacks! Is your snack game more of a touchdown or a penalty?! 
We want to help you ensure a touchdown with these 15 delicious {veggie based} apps from Real Simple. 
Let's talk about the real MVP...GUACAMOLE. What is a super bowl party, well any party, without Guac?! One of our resident sales reps here at WCPI is affectionately known as "Tony Guacamole."
While he won't give away his top secret recipe, we may have a picture that will help! Even if you can't recreate a Tony Guacamole recipe, we're sure this avocado dip will be a crowd pleaser.